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When it comes to owning a web hosting company, there are 2 main selling points. One of which is the more important one, but often over looked by the other one.. I'm talking about your Websites
Design, and the actual hosting service.. Often, professional hosting is overlooked by potential customers due to a poor web design/site.

You invest hundreds, if not thousands every month into your business but can't invest in a quality design, which is believe it or not the main selling point..

WHT's Most Popular Website Package!
4 Page Custom Designed Website + WHMCS Coded with HTML5 / CSS and WHMCS Integration. Great starter kit to develop a larger website.

Price: $400
*50% deposit required before any work is started. No exceptions!

For all other projects of ANY SIZE please feel free to contact me via Skype or email (listed at the bottom). A few other services I offer are listed here:

Wordpress Integration
Hostbill / Kayako / Blesta / BoxBilling / Client Exec / WHMCS Integration
Custom WHMCS UI (Like the one listed in my portfolio)
IPB, vBulletin, PHPBB3, Xenforo forum integrations!
Responsive Coding / Design
Basically any PHP script can be integrated.
Advertisement Banners
And so much more! Just ask!

Check out my portfolio here: www.varcoedesign.com

24 Hour WHMCS Integrations! - $10
Click here to order a WHMCS integration!. Integration will be completed within 24 hours of payment approval or its free! This is meant to limit the need for contact for a $10 job. Just leave the following details and I'll get to it!

FTP Host Name
FTP Username
FTP Password
Any other details you desire.

Folder WHMCS is in, along with any other details you have. This is a header/footer/stylesheet change of either portal or default whmcs themes. Completed within 24 hours of ordering guaranteed or free.

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Contact Information
Skype: Varcoedesign (Highly Recommended and preferred)
Email: [email protected]
Alternatively: You can either PM me, or use the contact form on my website. Skype is the best way to go, though!

Payment Information
Paypal - Currently the only method of payment I use. You can use your credit card with paypal of course. I also have Skrill but don't like it.

Deposit - A 50% deposit is required on all design jobs. Every design I have ever done I received this deposit, and never had a problem. So im not out to screw people, its to prevent people from screwing me

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!