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    Low cost Server Hardening Service?

    Hello All :-)

    Does anyone have recommendations for low cost $10-$20 for a general server hardening service?

    I am setting up 6 DNS VPS servers on different continents and just need a basic hardening which locks down the server. I will be using "Cpanel DNS Only" (I can install this myself). CSF firewall and 1-2 times daily backup (need help setting this up).

    Basically I want to see what the service will provide in this hardening service.


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    Server hardening services should never be one time only; security is an ongoing process, what is good today maybe outdated tomorrow. You may want to consider this when looking at this and finding the service to assist you.

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    I fully agree.

    I am following multiple guides and working on fine tuning the process.

    I just wanted to get a little help to make sure I am not missing any essential pieces.

    Any suggestions on tutorials or services?


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