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    Question Why no Network forum?

    I've always wondered why WHT doesn't have a NetEng type forum? It's a big part of the web hosting business, since you can't host websites with out networks. I'm sure a lot of neteng come here. Just a general Network Support forum would be nice.

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    That might not be a bad idea.
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    This might be good... maybe they should kill/consolidate other forums as well. Sounds like they want to turn this into a dating site, so maybe a network section will come after that. lol
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    Why didn't you ask this in the WHT Questions forum? I'll report the post and ask that this be moved.
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    That's a good idea, now we have to ask the mods why we don't have one.

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    There was a thread a few weeks back about it. I don't think anyone suggested it. I don't know if we necessarily get enough network related questions in order to justify its own section, but that is up to the red ones.

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    We normally just use the Colocation and Data Centers forum for such questions -- works fine, no need for additional forums all on their own that won't receive much traffic.

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    It would be a good idea

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    I agree with CGotzmann in that we normally just use the Colocation and Data Centers forum for these sorts of things. I'm not against creating a new topic, but if each individual topic gets broken down too much, it'll create dead forums.
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