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    * is this site genuine?

    Came across a site(cpgsa[dot]com) which offers vps at 5$/MONTH with 1Gb RAM,1Gb VSWAP,50Gb HDD,50Tb Bandwidth

    the offer page www[dot]wjunction[dot]com/46-vps/174661-cpgsa-com-1-gbit-vps-linux-1gb-ram-50gb-disk-$5-mo-usa.html

    just wanted to know if this site is genuine and reliable.
    The torrent is blocked by my isp. So will use this server to download torrent and create direct download links.

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    You can find other providers within that budget over at

    I'd suggest that you do your own research and check for reviews etc, you may even want to contact the provider you mentioned and review their response time etc.

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