Why AquaNX?

  • Network optimized for Asia Pacific traffics (PCCW, NLayer, HE)
  • Fast setup time: Dedicated Server (2-24 hours), VPS (Instant)
  • Real-human 24/7/365 on-site support
  • Automated DDoS Blackholing
  • Superfast SAN Storage option, at competitive cost
  • 1G Unmetered Port at competitive cost (200$/m)
  • User Friendly Control Panel (Reset, Reboot, Reinstall OS etc.)
  • High Performance, Highly Configurable
  • Flexibility to add IP (with justifications)
  • New, Enterprise Grade hardware
  • Hosted in Coresite Tier-3 facility

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Promotions This Week

I3 2120, 8G, 1T

  • 100M Unmetered
  • 8G RAM
  • 1T HDD
  • 5 Usable IP

Order Now for just $76.3/month

E3 1230, 16G, 1T

  • 100M Unmetered
  • 16G RAM
  • 1T HDD
  • 5 Usable IP

Order Now for just $97.3/month
Other Promotions

E3 1230, 32G, 4x1T (R10) VPS Node

  • 100M Unmetered
  • 32G RAM
  • 4x1T HDD, R10
  • 29 Usable IP

Order Now for just $209.3/month

E5 2620x2, 128G, 2T SAN (RAID10)

  • 100M Unmetered
  • 128G RAM (upto 256G RAM)
  • 2T SAN (Upto 8G)
  • 61 Usable IPs
Order Now for just $580.3/month

ATOM D525, 2G, 500G

  • 100M Unmetered
  • 2G RAM
  • 500G HDD
  • 5 Usable IP

Order Now for just $62.3/month

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Long Term Payment Discounts
Quarterly: 5% Discount
Semi-Annual: 1 Month free
Annual: 2.5 Month Free

Enterprise Grade Hardware
We DO NOT use any refurbished servers.

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