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    I have sucked my server, Please Help!


    Today I wroye a php script to generate a shell script that does chmod users folders and files following the suphp rule recursively. Unfortunately there is a virtfs and my shell script has done chmod 755 on every folder and and 644 on files inside virtfs. As you may know virtfs has hard links to filesystem. So I have chmod-ed whole my file system. Now I have a open ssh session but no command is accepted even with sudo and it says "Permission Denied" even for clear and chmod itself. Also I can no longer login upon another session, it does not accept the password.

    I have sucked my file system in a way that there is no execution permission on the OS. Do I need a server reinstallation?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pijaweb View Post
    Do I need a server reinstallation?
    Though you might be able to dig out of this manually, a reinstall would be far faster and less prone to ongoing issues, I'd suggest. If it were me, I'd go for the reinstall.
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    Maybe You should check this out...

    Because You get "Permission Denied", You should boot Your server in recovery mode or with live linux cd...

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