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    Thumbs up ARP Networks - 4 year review

    This is an update to my review 2 years ago.

    Now, I have been with ARP for 4 years, started back from August 2009. Nothing much has changed since the review 2 years ago. My load has now increased from hosting a few more clients. Therefore, increased mail volume: up to 500 emails per day, many web sites, running many applications. Local caching DNS (PDNSD) for DNSBL checks, SearchD for Drupal, both MySQL and Postresql etc. Everything works fast and well without major issues. Some of my sites are getting increased hits due to Google PageRank increase. No problems at all. As before, I keep my system tight and the IPs are still clean as a whistle!

    As before, I never had to contact them regarding any technical issues that I remember. I think I have had 4 contacts during the entire 4 year period. There is one minor thing that happened during that time though. I was getting some time jump forward messages. I did some research, to make sure it was not my set up. Then, I let them know about it. They did something to it right away and the problem disappeared.

    As always, I contact them during billing times to update expired credit card. This year, I requested to switch from yearly to monthly billing. Garry Dolley from ARP threw in some extra month and better promotion special "without my request." Great!

    All in all, if you are running a business or a company and want no hassle VPS host with awesome up-time and stability with BSD OS, there is no other host I would recommend more than ARP. The only requirement from you is you need to be very comfortable with BSD and command line as these are unmanaged VPSes without any management panels like cPanels or Plesk. Think of it as VPSes for the geeks by the geeks.

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    Thank you for the kind words!
    Garry Dolley @ ARP Networks | gdolley _at_ arpnetworks . com | #arpnetworks on Freenode | @arpnetworks, @bsdvps
    State of the art services, strong community and friendly support
    FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux VPS • ARP Metal™ Dedicated Servers • Colocation • IP Transit
    Native IPv6 • VNC Console • Tunnel VNC over SSH • Serial Console over SSH • DNS Manager

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    Thanks for sharing the review. Minimal tickets and issues in 4 years is quite impressive.

    Will have to check them out if I need a new host in the future.

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    Nice and detailed review. Glad you are having a great time with them!

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