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    Supermicro X10SAE memory issues

    I've been a long time reader of WHT so I figured this would be the spot to ask:

    I just received this motherboard along with 2 kits of 16gb Kingston ECC ram (selected using the Kingston memory search tool) but I'm unable to use all 4 slots. If Slot1 and/or Slot2 are populated, I get 4 beeps from the board, no post. Populate just Slot3 and/or Slot4, board boots up fine. Take out the ECC ram, slap an old stick of DDR3 in Slot1 and/or Slot2, it'll post. I went over the BIOS but there's only 3 memory related settings and I was unable to find a working combination.

    Is there anyone running this board that could recommend memory for it?

    Supermicro X10SAE
    2x KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G

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    We had a similar issue with another X10 motherboard, it ended up just being a bad RAM slot.
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    Sounds like either bad RAM or mobo.
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    Contacted kingston support... The RAM was never actually tested on a X10SAE so they're going to exchange the kits with 4x KVR13E9/8HM at no additional cost. Hopefully this helps someone else avoid a headache.

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    Hello tmom,
    does the KVR13E9/8HM memory work properly? Did Kingston mention any difference between KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G and KVR13E9/8HM memory?
    thank you in advance for your reply

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    Are those memories in X10SAE tested memory list? you can find the list on Supermicro X10SAE page.

    And a defective CPU could also cause this problem.

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    I feel like all I read is memory issues with these new X10 boards, I think we are going to still wait a couple months before we start stocking them our selves so hopefully there is a better supported bios version and better idea of go-to ram.
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