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    how to increase backlinks by using seo tools?

    for promoting a website, one need to increase backlinks but what is the correct way increasing it? please suggest me some new ideas
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    If you want to build backlinks using tools, then there are a few options, SENuke, Sick, GSA SER etc. Really depends on what you are hoping to achieve.
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    Dear seocontentonl,

    Good question

    Traditional SEO activities do not work today so you have to implement new ideas to generate natural backlinks.

    Here I would like to give some useful tip on how you can create valuable backlinks for your website.

    • Find out your targeted users from social media, forum discussion, and question/answer websites

    • Think about how you can help your targeted users through social media, forum discussion, guest posting and question/answer websites.

    According to present Google search engine behavior, below technique should be the best SEO practice.
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    Guest Post on niche blog
    Blog commenting
    Social Bookmarking

    These are some of the best ways IMO
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    I am not aware about any SEO tool that automatically increases your backlinks. You will have to manually look and analyze websites from where you prefer having backlinks.
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    Don't use backlink tools. All the available tools are spam. You don't need too many or 2000+ backling for a seo result. But google allow new site or small site to do a small amount of spam work. But that is not with the tool.

    These days it is social media camping is better option. c
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    Using backlink tools is so dangerous these days. I believe that one link from quality and trusted site is much more good than 2000 backlinks from low quality sites that may cause you penalty in future.
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    I had use SENuke, use it build the link wheels. but i don't use it anymore
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    I never use seo tools to increase back-links........
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    Not use a SEO Tools make sure you use a Manually submission in SEO factors so you select a Guest post, forum post, link wheel all that factors is the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seocontentonl View Post
    for promoting a website, one need to increase backlinks but what is the correct way increasing it? please suggest me some new ideas
    It important to understand what exactly is back links and then how to increase.
    *The links of your website exist on other sites.
    *There are several ways to improve back links: easy are to use social media, find out link exchange provider web sites, Several website which offer "Link to us" these can be used to exchange links of each other.

    Hope this will help.
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    Building backlinks using applications is the easiest way to go. But in the end if google changes their algorithm to catch these kind of link creation techniques, all your work and money will be in risk.

    so the best thing to do it, create awesome contents and people will start to link you back with the right keywords and all. Also there are several promotion forums, you could try promoting over there too.
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    There are many off page seo activities which helps to increase your website backlinks such as directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission, press release submission, forum posting, blog commenting etc.

    For link building activities always use only high do follow websites which helps to increase your website traffic, generate quality back links.
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    1.share unique content your keywords followers in social network sites and share links directory submission
    5.write article in high page rank sites
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    You can create backlinks via guest blogging and blog commenting and traffic travis will help you to do this job.
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