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    How to contact RockMyWeb/Cloud3k ?

    I have a VPS with RockMyWeb/Cloud3k and sent them several tickets.

    But I have not received any replies after 3 days.

    What happened?

    Can anyone tell RockMyWeb/Cloud3k to answer customer's tickets in their control panel?

    devonblzx aka Devon from RockMyWeb/Cloud3k, Can you see this thread?

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    Did you try to call them?

    Administrative Contact:
    RockMyWeb Admin ([email protected])
    Fax: +1.5555555555
    2885 Sanford Ave SW #14820
    Grandville, MI 49418
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    That exact reason is what lead me to cancel after months of good service. Not sure what changed.

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    I have the same issues with RockmyWeb. The uptime is great, but having unanswered support tickets is unacceptable. Mine is 3 weeks unanswered. Followed up 4 days ago, still nothing.

    Thinking of moving out.

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    Even when I cancelled, I opened a billing ticket for the cancellation and within a day my login to the panel stopped working, but to this day I never received any acknowledgement of the ticket at all. It's too bad, like I said service was good but the support went from fast and prompt for the few times I needed it to almost non existent.

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    I believe all support tickets have been answered. Unfortunately, due to our billing system upgrade, I have gotten behind on billing related tickets. If you have an actual urgent/support related issue, please feel free to contact me, devon at or provide the ticket ID and I will be sure to take a look. If it is a billing related ticket, I apologize for any delays and we will have the billing system / order system back very soon.

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