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    Front-page - form mail questions


    This is my first post and I am a newbie w/ internet web site development so I am sorry in advance if this sounds ignorant:

    I designed a simple website using front-page 2000. In that site, I have a form that a user can fill out and 'submit' the form to me. However, after publishing my web, the form 'submit' button doesn't work as it should. It states that there's a 'front page error' and to check w/ the webmaster. The hosting company claims to support frontpage extensions.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Well first if you did fully publish with FrontPage and it said "done" yes your hosting company is correct... it is installed. You couldnt upload a thing if it was not allowed...

    Are you sure use you did everything correctly? I once used FrontPage, would you like me to list the steps on how to create a working form for you? If so just reply yes, and I will list the stages...

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    Yes, please list all the steps necessary.

    One other question. Does it make a difference what type of server the hosting company uses for frontpage functionality?

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    No it doesnt.. as long as Frontpage Exention is installed everything will work fine...

    1. File > Open Web
    2. Insert > Form > Form (that will you give like a dotted out line of a box)
    3. Put your form boxes on that you want like "radio button" "textbox" and so on. MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THE DOTTEN BOX!!!!!!
    4. Then left click in the dotted box and hit "form propeties"
    5. Then put your email address where it says email.

    Try that out.. tell me if you got it to work, if so i can tell you how to make it go to a certian page.. just let me know how things go

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    That's what I did. I think everything in Front Page is ok. (Not sure though). However, it doesn't work.

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    Do you have AIM or AOL? So I can help you better?

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