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    newbie need advice :-)

    i a newbie here. i found this forum a few day before. and i look around about two days. i thinks it's the best place to exchange the experience of web hosting and can help me to find a good webhosting service.

    i'm now looking for a webhosting plan to fit my need.

    my site is mainly used to hosting ebay auction images(this means that these images is linked for other website,not linked locally). i need at least 200M space and 20G bandwidth per month(300M/30G would be better). only a few simple php script and a small mysql database used for this site. so it will consume very little server resource. good uptime(downtime<2-3hour/mon) is very important for my site. good and quick tech support is need also. the price i can afford is under 20$.

    i ask for help is because i notice that lots of webhosting company have similar statement such as:

    ---do not allow non html file(for example,image) exceed 50% of total storage.

    ---do not allow non html file(for example,image) traffic exceed 50% of total bandwidth.

    ---do not allow too many file linked from outer website.

    these statement really scare me away!

    so anyone can give me a good advice? :-)

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    Many hosts allow you a predetermined amount of bandwidth or transfer along with file storage as you please. Any that place limits as to how that space is used are best ignored.

    tangto, do some searching, look at hosts and read their TOS and AUP pages as you seem to already have done.

    Your needs and budget open your self to many quality hosting providers. Take your time and search around. Beware of host here who simply are trying to gain clients. Again, do a search. Host with high post counts means little in some cases.

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