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    Thumbs down Ripper of the month!

    Check it!

    I've visited this site and its disgusting!

    I used to buy templates from *************** and i think
    they are obviously ripped.
    Aware of the guys from

    They're not so slick if they think they can do things like these!

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    Re: Ripper of the month!

    Originally posted by Ryanmmx
    . . . . . . . . i think
    they are obviously ripped. . . . . .
    That could be all there is to it. TM does have resellers. Have you contacted either party and asked?
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Have you contacted either party and asked?

    Yeah, actually a friend of mine gave me this link. He contacted monsters and they seem to be highly alarmed...

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    The TM resellers still use the same id's and designer names. That is a pretty bold rip. Of course it seems everyone is ripping TM lately

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    That won't do!!!

    This is a total ripping.

    Don't we struggle for fair play in web-hosting???

    This business is mainly credit-based - support the monsters' good name!!!

  6. #6 ripped our old createspace design.

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    Everyone who thinks slicktemplate is doing the wrong thing -

    take the floor!!! - e-mail of the owner of this PIRATE site

    Let's protect ourselves!

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    Give them some credit, it must have took a long time to change
    the places of them images and change some of the colors! :: coming soon

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    Hey, this is a real rippin'.

    I downloaded their sample template and it seems to be completely stolen too...

    everyone who has ever seen web templates in .psd format knows that it never consists of 1 LAYER!!!

    These guys are real rippers!
    I think TM should give a bashin' to them...

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    What, like the site design and functions weren't enough of a rip? That's ridiculous.
    Brock Ferguson
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    hahahahaha! A .PSD file with only ONE layer, now that just confirms this BLATANT RIP! There MUST be some law against this! Template Monster should sue! :: coming soon

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    I wonder, what's the reason for this?

    It's looks like an absolute stupidity.

    Those guys even try to hold the line!!

    "... I assure you that every single kb of data that is located on was completely designed and written from the ground up. Every single pixel out of every image and template was designed by our team of designers. We also have the proof this matter, as we have original source documents (psd) for everything from a-z and as your own billing records will tell you, I nor anyone working for (eMedia Networks) has ever purchased any templates from ***************.com and resold and infringed any copyright sources. "

    "Now as for the second matter of our site being a clone of ***************.com, again I must imply that every single pixel of data and information was directly generated by our designers and programmers, it is 100% written in PHP code and we DO OWN the copyright under Ontario Legislative Law protecting Copyright of all Corporations registered in this province to our code in its entirety. As far as being a clone? Have a closer look you guys might learn a thing or two, we have features that you have not even thought of previously."

    Please tell him what do you think who is right.
    E-mail him to

    P.S. I want to show him what people think about that case during official legal suit.
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