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    Question SEO HELP/ Questions

    Hi WHT,

    I am hoping to get on hand experience information regarding SEO's Stuff.
    1) How can I increase my more result links on Google? What I mean when you search for a domain, you will have the domain on the top and then below it, there are some links showing. How can I increase that? Please see the attached image

    2) Also Want to know, how can I rank a site on SEO? Can we rank a site SEO? Software? Website?

    3) How much does a SEO cost? I saw different prices but what is reasonable and with what services?

    4) and ways to do it? what are the tools to help me for SEO? Are there any addons/plugins that are useful? does a combination of them help?

    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge
    New learner, and interested to know about Hosting and Web Design. So help me out.

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    What shows up on Google is determined by Google.(algos and very smart engineers)

    A lot of SEO ranking "services" are sheer scams be especially wary of companies from India, it's hard to increase page rank when the people doing the service don't speak english use your own judgement.

    The easiest way to jump to the top on the pagerank for a specific word is to own that keyword.

    Google checks to see if you have a facebook, twitter, G+, linkedin all of that stuff. Google ranks these sites much higher than having your links posted on

    Use social media platforms to your advantage. Don't get less than reputable sites to post your links, many times this may damage your page rank.

    Also be mindful as many will tell you the total count of back links determines pagerank, not true.

    Page rank will increase as soon as you have something that people want. Whether it's your content or your service they will come organically. Until you have something to show there really isn't much reason to worry about SEO.

    Also if you do some googling there are few forums out there dedicated to this topic and may be able to answer your questions better.
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