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    [HIRING] Minecraft Server Hosting ServerMiner


    ServerMiner is a UK Limited company, which is nearly 1 years old. We specialise in hosting Minecraft servers but growing to web hosting and other games.

    Our aim is to give great quality service and support, and as the demand increase we need to start hiring to maintain this service. We are currently recruiting staff for:

    Sales Tickets
    Plugin Support Tickets
    Live Support


    Age 17+
    Hard Worker
    Good Knowledge with PCs in general
    Knowledge in Vanilla/Tekkit/FTB/Bukkit
    Lots of spare time
    Must have excellent English

    Some of the above requirements may change depending on the job.


    We are offering either payment with PayPal or with hosting. Pay will change depending on time spent and quality of work.


    If you are interested, do not reply here or private message me. Instead, please email us at [email protected].

    Email us in this format, and include any other details you feel necessary:

    Where do you live?:
    What is your timezone?:
    What is the quickest way for us to contact you?:
    Do you go to College/School/Work?:
    What experience do you have in WHMCS billing panel?:
    What experience do you have in Multicraft control panel?:
    What experience do you have in website hosting?:
    What experience do you have in Tekkit?:
    What experience do you have in Vanilla?:
    What experience do you have in Craftbukkit?:
    What experience do you have in Feed the Beast?:
    What experience do you have in VPS/Dedicated Servers (Linux Centos)?:
    What is your preferred job?:
    How many hours can you devote a day?:
    What operating system do you work on usually?:
    If you are doing support tickets, what is your average response time likely to be?:
    Why did you choose ServerMiner to work?:
    If you have any questions about this, as mentioned above, please email us instead of replying here.

    -ServerMiner (James)
    [email protected]

    Status: OPEN
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    I applied. If you want anymore background info email me back

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    You still hiring I sent in an email.

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    Yes, we are still hiring. We are currently sorting all the interviews, so if anyone is waiting for a response, please hang on in there.

    Thank you

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    [HIRING] Minecraft Server Hosting ServerMiner

    Applied, hoping to head a response since very much qualified.

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