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    CloudFlare Railgun

    I'm curious to get some feedback on CloudFlare's RailGun program from anyone who has used or implemented it. The concept looks interesting, but I do tend worry about new things. Has anyone used it? Do you like it? Do you still use it? Anything else you want to share?


    (Note: I'm specifically interested in CloudFlare's "RailGun" software/service. I'm not asking about CloudFlare themselves or their regular product... But I suppose you can share your thoughts on them too, if there is something very important to add. )
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    Honestly, unless you're pushing a LOT of traffic, you won't notice much of a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BundleByte View Post
    Honestly, unless you're pushing a LOT of traffic, you won't notice much of a difference.
    I can imagine it being quite a boost actually. Consider you'll only have ~1 packet worth of deltas to insert into the cached copy - one request. Less requests - > Significantly faster page load time.

    I suggested they send the cached copy with placeholders in place of common deltas, and then update with javascript (so the rest of the page loads extremely fast, and the changes update pretty fast too); but never happened.

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    One thing I can say about CloudFlare is that they've got a pretty fast DNS network set up. I've not used their CDN, but their DNS seems great for the few domains I've tried it on. Very responsive.
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