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    Quote Originally Posted by time4vps View Post

    what do you prefer for advertising banners? Flash or simple static PNG banners? What do you click more?

    My opinion: Flash is more atractive but "heavy" and blocked by most adblocks. Static banners would be my choice.
    i prefer gif

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    I prefer gif. but as you ask png or flash I am with png banners because flash banners are not friendly with all visitors. they increase page loading time also need pluins to run. I choose those methods which are friendly with all.

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    A simple PNG banner is fine, I'm sure. Who pays attention to Flash banners these days? I know most young'uns are probably annoyed by them, or have learned to ignore them.
    (I do have to chime in that I always get the highest clicks on my site through simple text ads).

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    I would recommend static png banners then flash but don't you think gif images loads faster as the dpi suits the web.

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    I think an animated gif is more fast on loading, although the quality of its image is sacrifice.

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    My vote goes to animated gif. Flash is ready to "die".
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    PNG is a good choice, but take me for example. I use an ad blocking software to get rid of all ads. Ods are I will never see an ad for you unless I am really looking.

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    PNG is my vote.

    You can create them with virtually any graphic software.

    They are less heavy than Flash, so the server is serving a smaller file, increasing the performance slightly.

    Client-side, PNG is viewable by all devices and even then without any plugins. Flash, on the other hand, needs a plugin, needs updating, and is not supported by all devices.

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    PNG's for sure. These days with Ajax based sliders and what not that are cross-browser compatible. PNG's are smaller in size and higher in quality so you receive better performance and is cross browser compatible and cross device compatible (such as iOS) & - Since 2009.
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    Who are these idiots who're saying 'mac', 'macintosh', and 'apple' don't support Flash? iOS doesn't support Flash, OS X supports it just fine.

    In saying that, according to the trends in web usage more and more people are browsing the web using phone and tablet devices, the extreme majority of which don't support Flash (both iOS and Android), so despite the number of desktop computers supporting it or even running it Flash is a dead duck and unless you know with absolute certainty that an extreme majority of the people viewing your ad are going to be using Windows or OS X, it's not worth even considering.

    At that point it comes down to whether you want to have static imagery (PNG) or an animation (GIF).

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