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    Has anyone used these following hosts:

    If so, please give me some details on them. I want a really good host with excellent support and uptime. Do any of these hosts match that?

    I'm leaning towards just because they are a Ceonex designed site which means they have put some money into the business. But has anyone used them?

    And before anyone screams "GO SEARCH", I already did and I didn't find too much, and seeing that 3 of 4 of the above hosts post here, most of the searches found were the host itself.

    Anyways, any info would be great!!!
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    Hey Chaps,

    We currently have a number of sites hosted on "" servers. Our experience has been very good, up time along with the willingness of the Webmaster to tweak and adjust to my picky needs and help when I screw something up.

    Any downtime we have experienced with has been schedule updates to the Plesk server which we are on, I know that they also have FreeBSD but our sites are located on one of their Plesk server boxes.

    Currently I have 2 personal sites, the largest is which burns up about a 2GB a month of bandwidth. Plus I have 6 client corporate client sites also hosted by them one which operates with a hell of a lot of email accounts.

    Can't say much more than I have had only good experience with them.

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    Im glad to hear some positive feedback for a change!
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    This is a late reply but just in case anybody else reads this: Fastwebsites are blatently dishonest, a year later and I am still getting the promise of my 30 day money back guarentee, sometime in the next two weeks!
    They do not reply to emails if they have no use for you. A support ticket on thier site saying that I could not use ftp to upload my site remains unanswered a year on. At the time I faxed, telephoned and emailed!
    A foot note also beware of credit cards, thinking they protect you. In this clear and documented case of refund in thirty days not honoured the credit card company Egg from the UK say they can not help me and that I should take it up with Advertising Standards.
    Buyer beware and be aware!!

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