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    Internap - Few networks, which is best ?


    If price is taken out of the equation, what in your opinion is the best of these two options, Internap bandwidth or a blend of multiple suppliers, like AT&T, UUNET, Sprint, Verio.

    Things like speed, reliability, etc.

    Any info would be much appreciated.


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    What's the difference?

    InterNAP is a blend of different providers. Some people "attack" interNAP because they don't peer with networks, they simply buy transit from other networks. The thing is, InterNAP takes advantage of the peering arrangements of the people they buy their transit from. The only time it plays in is if an inexperienced BGP engineer hooks up an InterNAP line and another transit line. If they don't tweak the BGP metrics appropriately, InterNAP may get less traffic than it deserves.

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    Shows what I know :-)

    So is Internap better worse or the same ?

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    Personally I like InterNAP a lot. They have a strong SLA (just received a new and reportedly even BETTER SLA the other day) and superior control of the routing on their network. I wouldn't switch, and since you said cost shouldn't be a factor in the discussion, well...
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    cant go worng with internap. Any box connected to an internap line is going to get quality results. Although im not to big on SLA's they do provide a 100% uptime network guarentee, not to mention they have excellent engineers.

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    Perhaps a silly question but since I am a newbie I am allowed one
    If Internap uses other networks, how can I determine if my connection is Internap ?

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    you can do a traceroute to and from the machine to determine if you're using internap. Take for instance, this is a small portion of a traceroute to my domain:

    9 180 ms 173 ms 148 ms []
    10 227 ms 241 ms 224 ms []
    11 227 ms 220 ms 224 ms []
    12 215 ms 219 ms 240 ms []
    13 225 ms 230 ms 236 ms border1.ge3-1 []

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    Hey rodeto,

    To follow up on what case offered, the domain you really want to look for is as shown in the last line of case's trace. = internap



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    No cost considerations? Internap
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