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    Talking Web Design- Drag and Drop

    Is there any sites similar to this with drag and drop features that allow adult websites?

    I am looking to build my own site and pay monthly and I want my site to hook up to host gator, I have a domain name already.

    Again please as simple as possible things like Joomla and Wordpress confuse me. I want cut and clear.


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    well, if you are willing to switch hosts, SiteKreator offers a really nice website builder.
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    Thank you, however I would like to keep hostgator.

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    Hi missakara
    as i remember, hostgator cpanel was include trendysitebuilder which i guess it have same base feature as siteclube does

    the basic site builder was stand for is for the website beginner who want to creating website as simple as click and drag mouse

    you should ask the hostgator support for the "website builder" feature, im sure they will assist you better
    I Love Web Hosting Industry

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    Try Weebly, best website builder and it has lots of features like drag and drop, blogs, image magic, adsense, paypal etc... I have used it many times and it has more than 8 million users too... So tested and liked by millions users.

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    Smile SK and lowering costs

    SK's retail prices are pretty high.

    However, I am a reseller for them and can give you several sites for a wholesale price if you are interested.

    I am new to this forum, but I think if you reply I will get an email

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    Host Gator and Basekit

    By the way, Host Gator has made Base Kit free for its domains...
    Personally, I find Base Kit a bit disorienting, but it is well, exceptional as an in-context editor.

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