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    Apache rewrite issue makes no sense. Help?

    Hi all!!

    This one has me stumped.

    I'm trying to do a 301 redirect of some old pages to new ones.

    They work perfectly fine without the R flag, but if I add any kind of [R] or [R=301] they break.


    RewriteRule test_page.html new_page.html

    Dont work:

    RewriteRule test_page.html new_page.html [R=301]
    RewriteRule ^/test_page.html new_page.html [R=301]
    RewriteRule ^test_page.html new_page.html [R=301]
    RewriteRule test_page.html hxxp://wwwDOTdomainDOTcom/new_page.html [R=301]

    After turning on the rewrite logging, I saw what was happening:

    Without the R flag, the result is:

    [per-dir /var/www/html/] add per-dir prefix: test_page.html -> /var/www/html/new_page.html
    [per-dir /var/www/html/] strip per-dir prefix: /var/www/html/new_page.html -> new_page.html

    But, when I add the R flag:

    [per-dir /var/www/html/] add per-dir prefix: test_page.html -> /var/www/html/new_page.html
    [per-dir /var/www/html/] explicitly forcing redirect with hxxp://wwwDOTdomainD0Tcom/var/www/html/new_page.html

    Instead of stripping the prefix, Apache is inserting the doc root path in the URL. What the heck is THAT?

    Had to change it to DOTs since Im new :/
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    For your rules with the [R=301], did you attempt those 1 at a time, or all at once in that order you have them?

    Typically you'd want to set it to [R=301,L] to indicate if that RewriteRule is triggered it knows to stop trying to process any further rules.

    This rule should work, and I've verified it on my own server:

    RewriteRule test.htm HTeaTeaP://domainDOTcom/test2.htm [R=301,L]
    Hope that helps.

    - Jacob

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