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    || PRICING TO BE RAISED || Sign Up NOW to be locked in for LIFE!

    Dear all,

    Check out our plans at

    We are going to have a price increase soon for all our plans and we had decided to offer the current prices one last time to WHT visitors before we raise the prices!

    You won't regret signing up with us. We had outstanding support, high-end servers and quality bandwidth!

    :: Consider this ::
    Which host has a network capacity of almost 11Gbit/s?

    Which host utilise quality bandwidth such as UUNet, Level 3, Epik and Aleron?

    Which host uses High-End servers of P4 2.6 and above with 1GB ram?

    Which host goes the distance for you?

    :: Answer ::

    Sign up now to be locked in at current prices for LIFE! Our price increase is testement to our strong demand. And now, we are offering ONE LAST CHANCE to be locked in at current prices.

    We are glad to be of service.

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