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    Best CMS for a FORUM website?

    What do you think is the Best CMS creating a FORUM website?

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    Something like vbAdvanced?.

    Based on vBulletin forum software, the same software forum as WHT.
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    Which forum software are you currently using?

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    I have only used phpBB for creating a forum and that was only for test purposes but it was very easy to get on with and manage. I would highly recommend it.
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    vbulletin is good and most popular but vbulletin is paid and you can also try phpBB that one is open source and good features aswell and mostly people use it because that it is open source and you can get free mods too.

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    vBulletin or MyBB.
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    +1 to phpBB
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    I have a lot of questions to ask and am learning . Please bear with me if my questions sounds silly or repetitive.

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    There are quite a few:

    Invision Power Board

    In my opinion, the best is whatever you can grow well with. A lot of these scripts are free, and some of the better ones paid. However, I think when it comes to addons, then IPB/vBulletin are the winners. As for CMS, I believe all of these either have addons or settings from a front page CMS system.

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    MiniBB is probably my favourite...

    It is not so "mini" - one of the easiest to skin, plugin based to extend and add only the required features (some plugins are paid)

    Probably one of the biggest advantages - it is not on the radar for the spam bots to post to
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    vbulletin & phpBB

    Has to be vbulletin and phpBB! phpBB, especially. It's the best forum CMS I've come across!

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    Given the hacking of phpBB in years past -- "raping and pillaging" would be more accurate -- I fail to understand why people still suggest it. The security hasn't gotten any better over time.

    The spam situation is even worse.

    You almost have to be into S&M to want that much self-inflicted admin frustration.

    I don't know of a single popular/quality forum that is still using it. Most are now on vBulletin, IPB, or XenForo.
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    If you want seamless integration with a forum and a CMS, I can think of only 3.

    IPB + IP.C (Paid): The most powerful out of three.

    Joomla + Kunena (Free)

    Vbulletin + VbCMS (Paid): Vb is going downhill rapidly, so I suggest you avoid Vb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alucasa View Post
    Vbulletin + VbCMS (Paid): Vb is going downhill rapidly, so I suggest you avoid Vb.
    Is it the new Beta version that is going down hill or something else?

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    phpBB - don't use this unless you have a good reason to, and make sure you secure it well.

    I'd use myBB for a forum site every time.
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    Personally I quite like MyBB, other then that would be vBulletin. - Premium Quality Hosting Solutions
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