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    100TBh - Unmetered 1GBiT Windows and Linux VPS (NL) 500GB 1GBiT 26 EUR

    Who We Are.
    100TBh specialise in reselling EvoSwitch hosted servers with fast 1GBiT connections. We offer around the clock support via our portal, email, Skype, or phone. Support is free, this can include a nonstandard setup and just general help with your dedicated server or VPS server.

    The Datacentre
    The EvoSwitch facility is a 3-story concrete and steel structure building, with prefabricated concrete and steel panel facfades. With the exception of the offices, it does not contain any windows, ensuring maximum security. The datacenter currently spans more than 10,000m2, with room to expand to 40,000m2.

    Semi-Dedicated - Semi -S-
    2GB RAM
    1GBiT Connection
    Buy Now 26

    Semi-Dedicated - Semi -L-
    4GB RAM
    1GBiT Connection
    Buy Now 50

    Semi-Dedicated - Semi -XL-
    8GB RAM
    1GBiT Connection
    Buy Now 95

    Semi-Dedicated - Semi -XXL-
    16GB RAM
    1GBiT Connection
    Buy Now 180

    Operating System:
    • uBuntu 11.10 Desktop with VNC
    • Windows 7 Pro with RDP
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64 Edition with RDP
    • uBuntu 11.10 Server x64 with SSH
    • CentOS 6.2 x64 Server
    • CentOS 6.2 x64 Server with cPanel

    • High Bandwidth Applications
    • Web Hosting
    • Scripts
    • jDownloader / Encoding
    • Full Root / Admin Access

    Not Allowed
    • Illegal / Underage Porn
    • Hacking

    Promo Code for 10% Off

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    Their prices are great, and the speeds are excellent.

    Their support though is a one man band horror show. Hard to imagine worse, if they say, sold PCs, instead of the machine you ordered you'd receive a dead cat.

    Please for the sake of your own sanity, Google "100TBH Reviews" before embarking on a relationship with these folks.

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    There are three members of staff two of whom can provide technical support.

    Can I ask when you last had a service with 100TBh and I will look into your case personally.


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    Last had service in March, though you did just bill be last week for service I haven't had since then.

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    Ah OK, we where only 3 months old and have since taken on more staff.

    I am more than willing to offer a week trial, please open a ticket if you want this and paste a link to this forum.


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    And pray tell, how does that explain at least three (that I know of) ex-customers of yours receiving bills, for long dead service, including myself....on the 21st of last month?

    All I was suggesting as a simple precursor to purchasing your service, that folks Google reviews for your service, you wouldn't endorse that?

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    * Don't use 100TBh

    First of all I was impressed about the good prices and the "1Gbit dedicated bandwidth" on the VDS servers. Admin sayed they have 10gbps bandwidth on each node, that's why they can give 1gbps on VDS. I planed to use their VDS for streaming. So I ordered and payed a server. They activated it after 5 days with windows (i ordered centos). They reinstalled it in 3 days. Whatever, after more than a week i had finally access to my VDS. Bandwidth was excellent. Server worked very good. I ordered about 10 servers. After a lot of payment problems with their gateway like "payment marked as fraud and things like this" i had my servers activated. Of course activation in 3-4-5 days after payment. 1 month later, I payed invoices for next month, and their network started to work slowly. The "dedicated 1gbps port" actually works now with 60mbps real upload speed. Of course admin showed me 600mbps download speeds (I can't do nothing with download bw on a server LOL). I also had some problems with servers like downtime etc. Every problem was solved in not less than 4-5 days. No response on tickets or skype or... So today I asked them to refund for all servers and I will move elsewere, because:
    1. no support
    2. bandwidth not as described in their offer
    3. no instant activation like described in their offer
    Their response was simple:
    Hi Alex,
    I am afraid we can't offer a refund, but you can let them end at the end of the month.

    Now i have there more than 400 euros wasted on non usable servers. I don't recommend 100TBh to anybody!

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    Run AWAY

    I Ordered my seedbox from 100tbh aka seedboxone on 12-15 it took 2 days for them to even setup my account for me to use late at night on 12-17, The following 2 days the 18th and the 19th I would get nothing in the utorrent webui except loading for ever and sometimes timeouts, Then finally it worked on the 20th only to find intermittent connections and terrible speeds, It is by far the absolute worst service I have ever experience and Will never ever think of them again, So I contacted support as most hosting services give 30day money back guarantees, BUT no the response was that they only refund in the first 24 hours, even though the server was not setup yet. There subsequent responses and every correspondence from them was nothing but rude and demeaning. I will never use them again and I strongly suggest neither does anyone else.

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