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    Question Do you preferre to build your own billng&clients manager script ?or use ready script?

    hello ,

    i am PHP Developer , and i will start my hosting bussiness soon , but i am puzzled between building my site including support&billing system from scratch by myself ? or it's better to save the time and effort and use ready script such as WHMCS ?

    i want your best opinions and your Tips please

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    If you are a starter,then creating your own billing software will not be the best solution especially when you are the only coder.It will be best if you have a team to create the script.Note : security issues may rise.So its better to use already made scripts.

    In your case,You can customise and tweak the ready made script to fit your needs .

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    thank you very much dear for your opinion , you are right , but let us see other opinions also

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    If you're going to get a custom billing script I would recommend going with a reputable developer who knows what they're doing and not an oversea's one.

    However - if you're just starting out and on a budget I would recommend using a pre-made script to help you save money and time. Pre-made scripts nowadays are so easy to manipulate to look how you want them there's not really a downside to using them!
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