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    A Random Question.

    Hi Guys,

    Please dont laugh, because i have only ever used a webserver, as a server, in a datacenter...

    my question is,

    i have an actual 1u server, lying around not doing anything, with quite good specs.
    im also in need of a desktop pc, as mine has almost had it...

    so here is my question, as you would already have guessed by now.

    if i wanted to, could i hook the server up to my monitor as you would a desktop, and install a desktop operating system on it, windows or linux, and use the server the same way i would a desktop??

    it was just a question, i just thought i would ask before i tried anything? would it work the same as it would if i used a proper pc?

    is there any pro's or con's to doing this?

    my guess would be this would work fine, but i though i had better check before i attempt anything. if not its just going to get stripped down for parts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It should work, but 1u servers are LOUD. I can't imagine having to sit next to one all day in a home environment.

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    No reason why it wouldn't work, though you don't say if it has any expansion capability so it might not be able to support sound (no need for sound on a server)

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHU-Mike View Post
    It should work, but 1u servers are LOUD. I can't imagine having to sit next to one all day in a home environment.
    I turned the fan speed to energy saving, and even that would do my head in all day!!

    EDIT: the sound didnt even occur to me... im glad i checked, that was something i didnt even think about.

    im glad i checked now!

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    Yeah, servers are noisy little things. Built with the intentions that it will sit on a rack in a DC where it can be loud as it wants. However, if the server has good specs to make as a desktop then I dont see why not. Just load up your OS of choice..

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