The last thing that you need with your web hosting company is to hire someone that is going to cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, that is what is happening these days. I don't understand it at all. Web hosting companies and CEO's are hiring people that promise the moon, and then they end up getting them penalized with low quality backlinks.

Let me ask you something, why take that risk? I have provided SEO for many high-end clients and would have no problem helping your rank your web hosting company the right way. I only use white hat legitimate link building methods that will give you the rankings you want short-term and long-term. Google webmaster guidelines is something that I read everyday to make sure it sticks, how many people can say that?

If you are interested in hiring me, I can work on almost any monthly budget, please contact me using one of the following: (contact page is on the top right)
Skype: mrjohn989
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