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    Post Suggest me a Hosting Company

    I need an Alpha Reseller.Please Suggest me a Hosting Company which give 100 Up time with good support and affordable prices.

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    99.99 is the highest you can get. Even my VPS is 99.8%. If you need the best support - GreenGeeks are unbeatable. Best price is for Hub, but I would not go for them, support is no good. But what is alpha?

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    I wouldn't recommend and alpha reseller. If yu want to sell reseller accounts, get a VPS.

    Check the offers section.
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    We can definitely help narrow down the search if you lend us some more of your requirements. How much space and bandwidth are you needing? The sites you are hosting, are there any special requirements or things that the provider should know about? What are your future growth expectations for the site? You need to make sure the provider you go with can scale with your business.

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    If you are looking for an Alpha Reseller with Reliability then i am sorry you are not gonna get anywhere.
    And no one can assure you 100% Server Up-Time, because servers are hardware and can go down.
    Anyways check k-disk
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    Alpha/Master/whatever reseller hosting is a pyramid scheme. The owner of the server loses complete control over how it gets used. If you want to sell reseller hosting, get a dedicated servers, and carve it up. Otherwise you and everybody you sell to will just have issues and headaches, and it will not end well.

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    The best choice would be purchasing a dedicated server and build the service by your own. 99% possibility you'll be unsatisfied with the provider who offers alpha reseller service.

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    Or maybe you can go with VPS You can find a lot managed / unmanaged vps provider which offer vps with cPanel license. That will be the good start.
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    I have a VPS but facing DNS problem and not able to solve that problem.
    can some one help me?

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    TurnkeyInternet offers Alpha Reseller Hosting.

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    Turnkey Servers are very Poor.i have a very bad experience with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposer View Post
    I need an Alpha Reseller.Please Suggest me a Hosting Company which give 100 Up time with good support and affordable prices.
    You will never find 100% up-time from any hosting provider. That's unrealistic. I will have to recommend We use them as a re-seller and from first hand experience their support staff is first rate, professional and fast. Prices are reasonable as well.

    Hostgator is another as well but take caution as they were just purchased by EIG and from what I have researched EIG has a tendency to have a bad reputation.

    If you really want to check out a host look at their money-back guarantee and read their TOS/AUP.
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    Seriously. If you want to sell Reseller Hosting get an Dedi or VPS. There's just too many layers in Alphs, Master and what not resellers.
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    Before urPad closed their Alpha Reseller deals, I was with them for over 3 months. They were pretty awesome back then. I believe Hudson Valley Host may still be offering Alpha Resellers. Not very sure. I suggested TurnkeyInternet because I've seen them lots on the offers section of WHT. I think they're ok. But of course, a lot of people here may have different opinions about different companies. I may like Hostgator, while others would say something bad about them. So the only way to know if you're going to get your money's worth from the Alpha Resellers listed here on WHT, is to read reviews or try them all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposer View Post
    I have a VPS but facing DNS problem and not able to solve that problem.
    can some one help me?
    Try installing bind on you vps, it might help you. Or most of the web hosting panels automatically installs it for you. E.g Kloxo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposer View Post
    Turnkey Servers are very Poor.i have a very bad experience with them
    Sorry to hear but you still haven't listed more requirements so I'm not sure if we can help you or not.
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    i think is best choice

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    Don't even bother with "Alpha Resellers". Most of them are jokes. Just go for a dedicated server if you really want to offer "master reseller" plans. | Los Angeles Dedicated Servers - VPS - Shared Hosting
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