Hi all,

I am looking to sell one of my businesses, unfortunately as I now work full time I just don't have the time to give this business all it deserves.

Invictel.co.uk - internet service provider, works on a reseller basis. Leads come in via the website, these get submitted to the supplier via their website (just a case of filling in a form) and the supplier takes care of the rest. Its a white label service, so the supplier is not usually known to the end user - although for transparency, if anyone asks I do tell them who the supplier is, as the supplier will not cut us out of the loop as they do not deal with the end user directly.
Leads are paid monthly, so for every month that a customer pays the bill to the supplier, between 1-6 per customer gets added to your account. At the moment, there is one customer who brings in 3.50 per month, there were 2 other customers but they left as we offer short-term (1 month) contracts, so generally turnover of customers can be quite high. I havent done much marketing over the past 8 months, hence why customer numbers haven't increased.
The telephone numbers belong to the company, there is a 10 per month rental for all 3 numbers, all calls are forwarded to a number of your choice and there is a switchboard service which plays a message whilst call is on hold, there is also a voicemail service built in which will take messages if you dont answer after 30 secs.

The website is hosted on a VPS from 1&1, (costs 19.99/month) as there are some client websites as well, which is part of the web design/hosting side of the business as you will see from the Invictel site. These webhosting customers pay 30 annually, although they could pay much more for the service they get. I don't like to overprice things, I like to just give folk a good service for a good price. There are 4 web hosting customers currently.

I purchased Lixxus.co.uk about 6 months ago, this was a domain name from another ISP that went bust, bought the domain as it had lots of SEO work done to it, etc, which I thought would be useful if someone made use of that, we get quite a few visits from this domain name.

The VPS is also a Speedtest.net server in Skipton (Leeds) - the server does around 5,000 speedtests per day and it is a good way of advertising as the company name and web address is advertised on speedtest.net, and as such we get a lot of traffic coming through from Speedtest.

Invictel.co.uk has had a lot of SEO work done, at one stage we appeared above Post Office, Demon Internet, Eclipse and Plusnet for the terms "home broadband" and "business broadband" - however, this was when I was spending 5 hours every couple of days doing SEO, its been a while since any marketing work has been done.

There is another big website, e-dmca.com - this is an American copyright website that I built, as I found a niche in the market. Basically, its a copy and paste template that gets sent to the offending party - read the site and it will tell you all about the DMCA, what it does, etc. People pay $59 per request, as its easier to pay someone else to do it, even though it takes 10 minutes to do. I have earnt about $900 in the past 10 months from this site, it has slowed down recently but this is just down to lack of marketing, it has had quite a lot of SEO work done but not recently. However, visitor counts remain good for this type of business. Full instructions provided with sale, or I can remove this website from the sale if it makes it easier, and sell it on Flippa or somewhere like that - up to the buyer.

There are some other websites, they all have pages and content, and they are monetized in some form or another - full details will be given on request Google adwords is present on most of my sites, but this doesn't bring in a great deal, has brought in 8 in the last 6 months.


These 3 sites are hotel comparison sites, white label affiliates for Hotels Combined. Have made $100 in 2 months over the 3 sites:


Lastly, these are domains I haven't yet done anything with (apart from payday-lending.co.uk) - I did have big plans for these, but never really got round to doing much with them:

payday-lending.co.uk - check this site for an idea of the project

Offers considered - no set price. Make me an offer.

Payment via Paypal/bank transfer, in return I will sign over the 1&1 account which has all the domain names and the server access details. Any transferring of data will be the buyer's responsibility, as the buyer will receive the VPS server from me which has all websites hosted and already set up and running. Most of the sites are Wordpress, so can be easily exported.

Enquiries and offers to: rich@invictel.co.uk or call me: +44 (0)7803 078 755