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    Do you think there are to many fees in life?

    think of all the money you have to spend, or your parents. all the different fees in life like on your hydro bill and water bill. there is stuff I have never even heard of. we have to pay a buck a garbage bag just to get them to pick it up. I thaught taxes covered garbage pickup?
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    Nope. Life isn't fair, nor is it free. Garbage pickup is not covered by taxes.

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    Living isn't free.. Soon, they'll be charging for air tanks or something
    Money is the root of all evil. So if you don't want to go crazy, give it all to me

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    YEs,its sad,no one does ne thing 2 be nice,they just do it cause there greedy scumbags,and all they want is the money..Its a sad truth of this world we live in........

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    You think it's bad now, wait until you own a home

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