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    * Cheap, Fast, Game Server Hosting, Act Now.

    I have an opportunity to secure a few dedicated servers on a super fast network.

    My goal:
    I would like to find 2 or 3 people willing to share one of these servers with me. If I get more bites, then I can purchase more servers.

    The server:
    AMD XP-2100+
    1GB Ram
    40gb 7200RPM HDD
    Running Linux

    The backbones:
    Telia, Qwest, Cablevision Lightpath, and Global Crossing with Level3 as a secondary backup.

    Ping this ip to test speed:

    From a game server's stand point; I believe it will be able to handle four 16 man half-life* servers comfortably (less with StatsMe).

    *This can include half-life mod servers (Counter-Strike, DoD, TFC, etc.)
    Other games are possible, e-mail me for details.

    I want to run the servers at less than ~75% utilized. So the pings stay super low.

    All plans include:
    3 pre-installed mods (adminmod etc)

    Web Hosting:
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Perl
    • CGI-BIN
    • Custom clan e-mail
    • FTP Access
    • 1GB of storage
    • Un-Metered bandwidth (within reason)
    • Your Own Domain
    • Custom Forum
    • Custom PHP Portal (php nuke etc)
    • Psycho Stats or similar

    If your site requires extra libraries etc, Iíll install it.


    Setup fee per contract:
    $75 - One month
    $65 - Two months
    $50 - Three months

    $4 per player slot for public servers.
    $2 per player slot for private servers.

    Public Server monthly prices:

    $48 - 12 player server
    $56 - 14 player server
    $64 - 16 player server
    $72 - 18 player server
    $80 - 20 player server
    $88 - 22 player server
    $96 - 24 player server

    $10 per month for Statsme (more detailed stats).
    $5 one-time fee for each additional approved mod. (some mods increase cpu/ram usage to an unhealthy level, these will require a small additional monthly fee)

    All stats will be generated by a dedicated stats server as to not interfere with the game play.

    I will do everything I can to make your server experience as enjoyable as possible.

    I know the game server market is already saturated, this is why I'm not trying to turn this into a business, just a hobby.

    Compare Prices:
    I wonít even say prices come close

    I would like to enter a contract with each customer establishing the cost and details of the service. Terminating the contract early intails finding a replacemnet customer; a refund of the remaining time will be issued.

    Nothing is set in stone (not even prices), I'm open for suggestions.

    You may contact me at: t7 <at>
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    I am willing to negotiate and work with any deal offerings, these figures are what I'd like to base things on.


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    server hosted in singapore? got unlimited bandwidth? i am willing to come out S$100 for that server to open rental cs server....

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    It's not hosted in Singapore... is an American ip.
    I wish all my traffic went through AS174.

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    SolidJoe is right, it's not singapore, what made you think it was? Do you get good response times from the ip?

    It is not unlimited bandwidth, but has enough to handle gaming.

    Are you still interested?

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    Explain the set up fee plz.

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    If you only pay on a month-to-month basis the setup fee is $75
    if you pay for 2 months upfront, setup fee is $65


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    112 I got a lot better pricing and 3 locations, soon to be 6 locations.

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