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    Suggestoins for a PC Laptop with a Great Docking Station Availalbe?

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm a big HP fan and I have an HP laptop that I love but is just getting old (core2duo/4GB). I have an HP dock that is awesome, and naturally any new HP won't work with the dock I already have.

    I'm thus thinking a little bit about Lenovo or even another HP.

    But most importantly, does anyone have any experience with a current (2011-2012) docking station that simply rocks!?? I'm less concerned about the specs for the machine because I could just as easily configure out the same laptop whether it's a lenovo, an HP or even a Dell.

    My current dock has a handful of USB ports and allows DVI out and has AC power and charges the laptop while docked. I looked on Amazon but many reviews for docks were bad.

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    I would take a good look at the Dell Latitude E series with available docks loaded with connections galore.

    Without knowing what your desired laptop specs and budget are it's difficult to offer more specific recommendations. If you're looking for a good deal, I would seriously consider this Hot Deal before it expires.

    Two upgrades I would highly recommend are backlit keyboard and 1080p LCD. Not only are they incredibly useful they will definitely help increase your laptops resale value, many years down the road.

    You can purchase your docking station with your laptop (recommended see below for pricing) or separately from here.

    E-Port, dock for charging, digital video, and USB / eSATA port support [$129.00]
    E-Port Plus, dock adds dual digital display and legacy port support [$199.00] forums is a good place to get solid advice.

    By the way there is a dedicated computer forum here on WHT.
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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