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    I've never had too many drive issues... SSD or not.
    I think 3-5 years is my average drive lifespan, and I've got plenty pushing those with no issues at all. PC on 24x7, a number of drives in there... Yeah, no worries.

    When they do go, though, they tend to go in multiples. 2 or 3 at a time, hah!

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    Any hardware can fail at any time.

    I would have thought SSD's lifespan would be less than a mechanical simply because of the major speed differences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForzaHost View Post
    Any hardware can fail at any time.
    thats true.

    I often tell customers "You can have a gold computer, and things will always go wrong at the weakest point"

    It's usually:


    normally in that order.

    on my personal builds though only had the hdd go wrong.

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