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    Selling Small Web Hosting Start up

    This has been a side project to see how it goes, but I don't have a budget to advertise, and I can see this going in better places.

    This is on a reseller plan from another Web Hosting company, but it comes with:
    - 3 paid clients and 7 free clients. (I host 3 of my personal sites on this, but those will be moved)
    - Web Design
    - Domain with 9 months left on the registration
    - Secondary domain for free clients.
    - BillingExec
    - Live chat via Olark
    - Facebook Page

    Average Annual Projected Revenue: $160 (Monthly average is $13.25 over 4 month existence)

    You'll also receive all the files that I have on my computer that are meant for use for this brand.

    I'm asking $100 for everything.
    I'll provide the domain name and any other information by PM.

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    Please send me the details of the domain, users, and what packages they use.

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    Please PM me details of the domain, users, packages and link to your website.


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    How much do the 3 paid clients pay each also what about of storage/hdd and bandwidth do they get?
    just a programmer

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    I'm open to other offers.

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    Please send me details at gaurav @

    I am ok with your price subject to clarification of some questions.

    Gaurav Goyal

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    I am interested please email me to discuss.
    Scott @

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    Please send me info at

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    I've lowered the asking price to $50 for quick sale.

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    Can u please send me the URL.

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    Hi, I don't seem to be able to send PM. Can you please email me at

    I am willing to close the deal asap.

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    I am also willing to buy this right now.

    Thank You

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    still for sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by private_html View Post
    still for sale?
    Yes, it is still for sale.

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    please could you send me a NDA, if you require me to sing one? if not please could you email me sceen shots of clients, how long they have been clients, and payments??

    reason i ask, is i would like to verify they have been clients for some time, and arnt going to leave the second i buy this...

    EDIT: please my i send you a private message? so we can talk further?

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