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  1. #1 down for almost 2 hours....

    I have 2 dedicated servers with JTL - at first I thought it was the one server, then I checked the other, no luck.

    So I checked and both '' and '' their 2 main domains are not up either.

    I called as soon as I noticed an issue as I was on one of the sites and was taken to their 3rd party answering service.

    Since then, everytime I try calling I get a "the person you are trying to reach is unavailable please leave a message" type thing.

    **Edit** They have been down for almost 2 hours now.

    Needless to say I can't sleep, literally, until this issue is resolved.

    Is there any external way of identifying an issue (aka massive blackouts, etc.)

    If not...what exactly are my options...their customer service has been declining, if I can't get a hold of them at all...what then?

    Any advice would be helpful :\

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    You're not alone. I am having the same issue with them, and their phone answering system isn't even taking calls. I will be awake all night too...hoping to get some help here as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andymatt View Post
    Any advice would be helpful :\
    - restore your offsite backups to a different host
    - go to sleep

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    Well it's a comfort at least to know there's someone else in the same rocky boat right now, I "had" great service with JTL for 5+ years, but the past 2 years after that it's really gone downhill and at times I feel like I'm the only person out there using their hosting anymore.

    I know there's nothing I can do...but I don't want to be getting flooded with calls first thing in the morning from my clients.

    I just called and actually got through (somewhat) - it was the answering service but instead of asking 20 questions I was able to speak with the woman who said yes they're having issues, and JTL has not given them any estimated time as to when they'll be back up.

    I asked to be given a call when they're back up, but that's no guarantee either. It's literally a sit and wait game, it's just extremely frustrating.

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    Anyone know when they went down and any resolution timeframe to expect? Am in the same boat as you guys with 4 servers with them.

    Made a couple of international calls (am not in the US) and can't get through. Been with them since 2001...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordonrp View Post
    - restore your offsite backups to a different host
    - go to sleep
    Well I'm double pwned on that one - my "offsite" backups are through them - I can search around maybe for an ip - but the host address I have is: I obviously can't connect to download anything :\

    I guess that's stupidity on my part - I prepared for a server down-age with backups but not a provider. Lesson learned.

    I'd like to sleep, and need to, but somehow repeatedly pressing refresh instead makes me feel more productive lol

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    Hi Andy,

    Same here but if you'd like I can press refresh for you and you can go to sleep -- I'm 13 hours ahead of you and it's just five past noon here. Pinging and pressing refresh as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekhoo View Post
    Anyone know when they went down and any resolution timeframe to expect? Am in the same boat as you guys with 4 servers with them.

    Made a couple of international calls (am not in the US) and can't get through. Been with them since 2001...
    I noticed it at about 9:20PM EST. I was working on a site, I noticed it got slow then they went down. So this is going on almost 3 hours and minus a blackout in Canada once they've never been down this long that I've seen.

    The first call I made I got the answering service, every call after that until the last one I made was the 'unavailable leave a message'.

    The answering service has no clue what is going on, they are in no way actually connected to JTL they just take their calls. They say someone will call back but they never do

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    My monitoring shows it went down around 9:45 PM EST. I'm in the US and my calls don't go through either.

    Been with them since 2007 - great service up until the last year and half. There are times when "nobody's home" for hours on end, and they've actually ruined a few of my weekends in recent months with issues similar to this one.

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    Yeah they use to be great - I'd call, speak to a real person who knew what they were talking about, they always responded quickly and I slept really well.

    A few months back after a series of bad incidents & poorly educated responses to trouble tickets I had it - after some run around I was able to schedule a phone call with a real person who assured me JTL is running better then ever, they haven't outsourced their work, and they're expanding. Call me naive but I believed him...

    A "sorry we're experiencing technical issues we should be back up shortly" would be a comfort right now. I really really really hope it's resolved here soon, if they packed up and left...fingers crossed it's a temporary thing.

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    Your story is identical to mine. I used to be able to get a technician live on the phone at any hour during the day. Now, it's almost seems like they work 9-5pm and leave the servers 100% unmanned on nights and weekends.

    What's happening right now is beyond ridiculous and unprofessional - if it's anything like the last outage we had, we probably won't even get a call back or any notice of what went wrong.

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    My only hope now is that it's resolved before morning so I don't have to do a lot of awkward and nerve wracking explaining to clients as to why they can't access their websites or email. The majority of them are really nice, but a few will have my head for breakfast I'm sure.

    Well I'm off to try to get some sleep, I guess I'll leave ekhoo on double refresh duty If this isn't resolved by the morning I'm sure this thread will become my venting home. It's sad I guess to have so much riding on technology, but I'm really really really SOL if this isn't resolved :\

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    Still no luck on the refresh or pings -- both from across the pacific or from my other server in LA.

    Looks like I've to strategize on multiple providers now... and better off-site backups

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    We've been having the same problems with JTL. Our site has already been down twice today - the first time for almost 3 hours. I put in a ticket then and never got a response. Now everything is down.

    This is worrying me even more because we had an issue with Cpanel/WHM the other day not being licensed and as of the last time I looked it wasn't fixed. I certainly hope this isn't how we find out that they went out of business.

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    All my servers are back up. 2pm MYT, 4am GMT, 2am EST

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