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    * DediSlots| Minecraft Vps| Start @ $10 {No Lag}

    Hi, I am the owner of DediSlots

    When you rent a DediSlots minecraft server, you get all the resources you pay for. Our line of minecraft servers are all in the USA , so you will have great ping, and no lag. All order are setup by staff, they come with bukkit by default, but you can request any custom software. Get yours today!
    Tos:Click Here to see Tos

    Minecraft Plans

    TreePuncher Plan
    與layers: 8
    翟pu: 1 Core
    舞am: 512mb
    聞isk Space: 35gb
    翡andwidth: 100gb
    與ort Speed: 100mbit
    Price: $10
    Click here to Order

    Cobble Plan
    與layers: 16-20
    翟pu: 2 Cores
    舞am: 1gb
    聞isk Space: 45gb
    翡andwidth: 150gb
    與ort Speed: 100mbit
    Price: $20
    Click here to Order

    Iron Plan
    與layers: 32-40
    翟pu: 2 Cores
    舞am: 2gb
    聞isk Space: 65gb
    翡andwidth: 200gb
    與ort Speed: 100mbit
    Price: $40
    Click here to Order

    Gold Plan
    Players: 40-60
    翟pu: 3 Cores
    舞am: 3gb
    聞isk Space: 75gb
    翡andwidth: 220gb
    與ort Speed: 100mbit
    Price: $60
    Click here to Order

    Diamond Plan
    Players: 60-80
    翟pu: 4 Cores
    舞am: 4gb
    聞isk Space: 80gb
    翡andwidth: 250gb
    與ort Speed: 100mbit
    Price: $80
    Click here to Order

    Why Us?
    With DediSlots minecraft server, you can be sure that you can use the resources when you need them. We offer reliable and affordable servers, we also offer great support. We have a team of staff ready to anwser any questions that you may have. We will install any software, at your request, simply open a ticket. Buy a minecraft today!

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    prety legit man now i can do some tnt testing

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