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    * Websitepanel setup


    I am looking for someone to setup WSP to work with Exchange 2010 sp2 multi tenancy.

    Need someone to configure and test the WSP side of things.

    AD and Exchange 2010 are already setup.

    Let me know


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    Hi, I can do this for you. Let me know if you still need help.

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    I shall assist you , just shoot me mail to nixminds @

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    @oztech , I had Just setup exchange 2010 1 month ago in hosting mode with website panel . If you have installed exchange with the command /m:install /r:M,C,H,T /OrganizationName:TestORG /Hosting , then the exchange installation is perfect otherwise Iam afraid you have to install exchange again .

    Anyways I can install exchange for you and configure website panel for exchange hosting . My email address is [email protected]

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    I've recently done a multi-tenant WebsitePanel install for both Exchange 2010 SP1 w/hosting mode and Exchange 2010 SP2 on-premises.

    Contrary to post #5, you do NOT want /hosting mode as it will no longer be supported after Exchange 2010. Migration in the future will need to be a cross-forest migration - Not to mention all of the features you lose.

    Send an email if interested - mike[at]
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    I need to send you private message. Will you please let me know your email ID or skype ID?
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