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Thread: EXSI 5 Problems

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    EXSI 5 Problems

    i have a 2 exsi servers, i got few questions and i ran in to few problems

    1.) if the server has 8 gb ram , is it ok to create vm machines more than 8gb(example 6 X 2GB ram machines) or will this have performance issues ?

    2.) how do i find out if i am overloading the EXSI, is there a place in vsphere client to check this ?

    3.)in one of my exsi mechines it gives all sort of problems with vm mechines if i create mechines more than 8 gb ram but in the other one it works gr8. what could be the problem. is there really a way to check how much more can i add ?

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    You can check memory overcommitment via SSH.
    esxtop command, then press m and you should see at the bottom line something like this:
    1:28:19pm up 2 days 18:47, 518 worlds, 42 VMs, 42 vCPUs; MEM overcommit avg: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

    look at the avg: if they are more than zero, then you overcommiting RAM.

    What is a version of your esxi server?

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    1. VMWare allows overselling, so yes you can do this, it will go by your actual usage.

    2. The vSphere client should display your actual HDD and RAM usage. If you thin provision the HDD you will be able to overcommitt on the HDD.

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