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Thread: Raq 555 Setup

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    Raq 550 Setup

    Hi Again,

    here is the current status......

    i did a full OS restore so that i can start from a clean machine.

    Now, all my domains point to xx.xx.xx.25 which was provided by my supplier,

    My router addy is xx.xx.xx.100 also provided by my supplier.

    my netmask is also provided by my supplier.

    my problem is....

    i can log onto the machine using the Ipaddress xx.xx.xx.25

    but i cant logonto the machine using the domain name,

    also i can ping ip address's from the raq 550 but i cant ping domain names, i get the error "unknown Host"

    what could the problem be???

    (The machine has worked previously so i am sure that all the DNS settings have propergated, and i am using xx.xx.xx.25 as the dns settings at internic)

    any insight into this would be great.

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