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    Steps Which Have Made Me Money Parking Domains at Sites Like

    Sedo has made and paid out parked money for me using the Paypal option. You do need to setup payment and finish the fine options or you will not receive or see any parking cash/funds.

    The key to Sedo parking actually paying out a decent return is:
    • *Taking the undeveloped back burner or a newly purchased domain and place it for sale on Sedo.
    • *FILL OUT ALL forms and configurations for it and optimize it to at least 3 bars with setting "buy it now" at $9999.00 or something.
    • *DO NOT Park it, but instead install a heavy CMS and direct the domain to this CMS.
    • *Go through all the regular mundane website start up motions making sure Google sees it and preferably other Search Engines also.
    • *Slap your Adsense Ads and some affiliate links (FYI Sedo ads I feel are good to use).
    • *Stroke and choke it for 3 or 4 months doing the routine minimum with SEO, making sure it is online and has at least some content of your own posted on it.
    • *Connect, really cool to connect it with existing accounts, it to as many social networks as possible and liking, friending, digging, pitching every website change you do.
    • *If you can find it in you to actually do and remember to blog about once a week and when I mean blog I mean anything with a topic that it understandable, and if you could even find it within you to put up some articles about current events in your words along with a couple pages of syndication, this would help huge with earning in the end.

    Now, give the domain around 3 to 6 months to soak out on the web and just maybe it could become a domain which you would never park and actually make income with. This happening will depend on the effort you put into the domain during those 3 to 6 months. If it bails out in the real world and once the domain starts to becomes a real hassle and bore because it will just not holdits own, boom, this is when you should park it on Sedo.

    While it is parked at Sedo keep the directories/files and database intact and in place with your CMS and simply direct the domain to Sedo name servers. Just keep an eye on your visits and clicks in your Sedo CP and once they start to drop off (may never take off or take off with a bang and never stop) or you have noticed that your indexed webpages no longer show or have dropped down to nothing when Google searching “”, pull the domain back out into the real world and stroke and choke it for a while and repeat.

    Nothing in life is free and the ".com" era has been over for some time. Any new or undeveloped domain will need more than just parking it to make anything more than recouping the annual registration fee.

    On the other hand, parking a domain and listing it for sale is doing it way more good than having it point to a your host's or registrar's monotonized, or your blank server 500/Apache, indexing killer page.
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    Opps, ran my edit out past 15 minutes so I will just add my edit s a second post:

    Edit: Just wanted to add in once again, along with adding to this, just how important blogging and articles really are when it comes to having any sort of presence online, and even when it comes to parking your domain name at Sedo. Your chances of making a website go or creating any money from it without writing some repetitious face-value content like blogs and article (preferably both) are about zilch to around none. The biggest thing I have found that seems to hinder webmasters from repeatedly blogging or writing daily, weekly or even monthly on a single website that sees little traffic is them having an idea that they have nothing to write about or anything which they would consider worth writing about. If you are breathing air and reading this, you have something to write about. If you are drawing a blank still, write/blog about reading this post. Blogging on a start up level certainly does not need to be perfect. Blog about anything at first and wrap in your website's scope with keywords and blub add ins as you find them and as you go. May sound silly, but blog about Star Wars or Lost in Space. These two topics have brought me crazy amounts of traffic over the years and transition into great tech and hosting website ice breakers and can be tooled into heavier SEO aspects if needed and search engines loves these topics.

    Sharing one of my website starter niches, which I have never brought up or posted about before so keep it on the down-low, but if you are struggling to find something to blog about, a topic being started after a welcoming blog about just how much your mother in-law sucks is something that just draws people in no matter the domain name. Just do not let your mother in-law or wife find out. LOL

    Good luck.
    You Can't Always Get What You Want
    Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones: 1969~Let It Bleed
    Cloud to Web Development Design & Deployment and of course, hosting of Cloud services:

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    Thank you for your input - I might just add trying this for a while now with excellent results. My 2c - make sure you keep a robots.txt file with a defined path to the XML sitemap and keep that updated. I found out that doing the basic maintenance tasks for such parked domains actually increases their value and turns into a nice sideline into flipping - you need 50-100 websites to maintain momentum, but reselling domains can be automated for the most part and you can let users self-service the file transfer for the CMS as well with minimum hassle. Started doing this as a shared hosting provider with domains abandoned by non-paying clients, but soon it starts to work well enough to justify buying and parking domains on purpose (to increase their reselling value). A lucrative variation from the classic form of domaining, finding easy to resell domains is a steady earner with good return on investment.
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