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    Command matrix on this server...

    i would buy this dedicated server from

    Dell PowerEdge 1650

    Intel Pentium III 1.X Ghz
    18 GB 10K SCSI HDD
    256 MB ECC Memory
    50gb bandwidth

    Dual Processor Capable
    133 Mhz Bus Speed
    512 KB Cache
    ServerWorks HE-SL Set
    Up to 4 GB or RAM
    Dual SCSI controller
    2 PCI Slots
    3 Drive Bays
    1.44MB Floppy
    Hotswappable Drives

    Price 324$ monthly

    Now i want know:

    Is it enough to run Command Matrix on it?
    My customer can have good performance with this server configuration?
    What other software i need? server mail? or?

    Thank you

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    You need more ram..512 shud be sufficient in the begining.

    You need a few ASP Components like ASP UPLAOD and other Persits products.

    Good Antivirus

    Regd WEBMAIL service : CM have got their own mailserver script integrated with the CP so you don't need any third party Mail Server.

    Further you also need MS SQL license if you want to provide MS SQL Database to your customers.

    Enough to start with. You can add Cold Fusion & other Components as and when required.

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