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    Change PayPal IPN

    I just got a message from PayPal saying...

    Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). Instant Payment Notifications sent to the following URL(s) are failing:

    Do I need to change the URL in paypal or WHMCS? I found in paypal and it was shoing as empty and isabled so I just entered the URL of my WHMCS installation but wasnt sure if this was right as it wasnt displaying the old URL (chnage WHMCS location recently).

    Any Ideas?

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    Go to your WHMCS Admin and click on your payment gateways. If PayPal Standard gateway is activated in your WHMCS, it will tell you the IPN URL you need to use for your PayPal profile.
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    Also check subscription payments, as I found in the past any subscription payments you have setup before the WHMCS location change will still be active and will not communicate with WHMCS at the new location.

    You need to cancel these subscriptions and re-set them up or ask the client to, or it will be a matter of adding the payments manually into WHMCS.
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    I've never heard of PayPal sending out such an eMail
    Is there a setting for this in your account?

    I set my IPN years ago and it has never needed changing
    I just copy it into WHMCS
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    Paypal does send that message out, I have had a few clients who got them in the past. Any ecommerce solution using the IPN will get them if Paypal doesnt like/recognize the setup.
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