IBP - stay away. For the price, it's just not worth it. Lots of info, and will generate a 72 page report for your keyword on ONE page - but really, who has the time to read through 72 pages for a single keyword. It's so much information, it's overkill
webceo I used to use and like. I still have a version that I play with from time to time.

Others that I recommend are -
MarketSamauri - not as good as they used to be, but great for niche information
link-assistant - website auditor & ranktracker and the rest of the collection of tools is nice.
seomoz - Site Explorer can be a wealth of information
raventools - great for reports, research and monitoring
xenu - verify all the links in your site work
Very nice piece of information. I however relied solely on SEOMoz for the SEO - its good and its smart.