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    App Developers

    Anyone know of any good Android or Mobile app development books? I'm just starting to brush up on Java and made a small app yesterday, and am thinking about pursuing this a bit. The Java books I have are extremely old, and while there's tons of resources online...I like to have a physical reference book.

    I know I could search Amazon, but was wondering if anybody had any experience with anything.

    Edit: My Java skill is very beginners. However, being proficient in other languages...I should be extremely comfortable in about a week at the rate I'm going right now.

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    Best option is follow online tutorials, try to develop and test apps on your PC..

    ebay? (Beware of monkeys)
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    Good for starters.

    Some online training.

    If you want books, Sams' and OReilly's are good.

    For a trial app, you can also use Appinventor.

    Stackoverflow is also a great resource.

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    @Sajan - Look at PhoneGap. You can design the app in HTML5 and package it as a native app. The PhoneGap libraries even give you native access to most of the Android APIs.

    As an added bonus, you can re-package the app for almost every mobile platform including iOS
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