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    Hello WHT, I am looking for a hosting company that I can help out with some Support by answering tickets, live chat calls, and phone support.

    A little past experience.
    • Owned a Hosting Company roughly two years ago.
    • Worked on over four hosting companies.
    • I have 6 years of HTML experience.
    • I have 4 years of CSS experience
    • I know how to run WHMCS, WHM, cPanel, Multicraft, TCAdmin.

    A little about myself.
    • 18 Years Old.
    • Senior in High School.
    • Going to college for Computer Science.
    • Lives in Minnesota. (US resident)

    I do not have a current resume or CL due to the restoring of my computer recently. Please leave a reply below if you would like to learn a little bit more about me!

    I do require a little pay ether hourly or salaried.


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    What is your expected salary and working hours? What other companies did you work for? Please PM me...

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    For some reason I have no access to the PM so Ill just tell you here.

    Expected Salary we can negotiate. I guess it really doesn't matter to me as long as I can pull in any type of money after a week or two weeks or whatever. I can work from 4PM-12PM Central Time. This is because I have school from 8AM-3PM.

    The past companies I have worked for include:
    Brisk Servers - Closed
    HostingSnake - Closed
    White Lion Web - Open
    Mega-Hoster - Open from what I believe

    I can give you some more if you would like but from these four websites I've ranged from positions like CEO, CMO, Support Tech, Sales Rep, VP op Operations, Director, and Staff Management.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HostingSnake View Post
    've ranged from positions like CEO, CMO,
    On what grounds was you appointed as CEO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cd/home View Post
    On what grounds was you appointed as CEO?
    I was appointed CEO after a close friend of mine came up with the idea of starting up a Hosting Company. I had experience in it so we gave it a shot. Now you are probably thinking why I didn't have the title Founder. That's because I wasn't the one who actually came up with the idea of the business. You could have called me a Co-Founder however I don't really think that word is much different from a CEO.

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    A CEO answers to the founders and a board of directors, a CEO does not exist if a company does not have a board of directors/investors.
    A founder title is generally higher than a CEO. Most business owners hire a CEO to take care of every day business.

    If you are not a valid entity and do not have investors/directors with a equity stake there really is no "CEO"

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    I'm going to be honest.. I feel like a idiot right now haha . Your way smarter than me when it comes to the chain of commands. I've always thought CEO and Founder were the same thing!! Thanks. I guess you learn something new everyday

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