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    I WILL PAY - I have a VPS Server and need a Linux GUI

    I purchased a VPS server, thinking that it already came with a gui, or that I could load one off from an image, but apparently it doesn't work like that.

    What I would like is, to pay someone who knows what their doing and can get a Linux GUI (with Firefox) installed on my VPS and show me how to access it.

    Thanks. You can also reach me by skype: ejd59005.

    Thanks alot. $30 to the first person who can do it.

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    Moved to the Employment / Job Offers forum.

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    You should also list the specs of your VPS so people can help you a little better, are you for sure looking for remote desktop solution or a vpn type setup where you use your desktop browser via a tunneled connection?

    that I could load one off from an image
    You should be able to install a list of OSs provided by whatever management console your VPS provider has. | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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    Hello Eddie,

    I just added you on Skype.

    Thank you

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    Hi Eddie,

    If for whatever reason andrewn does not set this up for you, I am available to do so at the price you listed above ($30). I am a highly experienced Linux administrator and will have no problem setting up what you need.

    Thank you!

    -Justin Franks

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    WhichGunDotCom : if you still want to do it and can do it now, please send me a message or hit me up on skype.: ejd59005

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    PM me if this hasn't already been done please.

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    Hi eddied316, I am unable to send you a PM because you need to have a certain # of posts to use the PM features here (5 I think).

    I don't use Skype but will create an account if necessary.

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