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    20 Slot Gaming Servers, Buy Yours Today! RSNUK

    The Mission
    To lead the field in gaming services provision, and through innovation and quality of service, provide the gaming community with services that allow gaming to be the fun, stress free experience it was invented to be.

    The Company
    RSNUK Game Servers are one of the UK’s game server providers, with one single goal in mind, to offer reliable, state-of-the-art but affordable services to gamers.

    Formed as a privately owned company in 2011, we have more than enough experience in providing services to gaming organisations, professional gaming clans and smaller start-up groups and clans. Part of a larger group of companies.

    With a state-of-the-art network designed with gaming in mind, and servers located in data centres in key locations within the UK, we are able to guarantee that whatever service we provide you with, it is always the very best available.

    The Team
    At the heart of RSNUK is the group of people whose aim is to ensure that we achieve our goal of providing you with an affordable gaming solution. With a long history of experience within the professional IT industry, we have the necessary knowledge to ensure that we can deliver on our promise of a 1st class experience.

    Every member of our management team is a gamer, each with a varied background ranging from FPS, MMO’s, RPG’s and many more, heck some of them remember pong! Although not spending the same amount of hours sat in ‘the chair’ as they used to, one thing they all still hold is a deep passion for good quality gameplay.
    It’s this passion that drives RSNUK towards always providing a service designed to enhance a gamers experience, not hinder it.

    Technical Services
    Our technical support teams are without doubt some of the best in the business, and are thoroughly vetted to ensure that their technical knowledge extends to the hugely specific gaming industry.
    Constantly reviewing best practices, and developing their skills they are quite simply one of our best assets. What they don’t know about supporting game servers and gaming services isn’t worth knowing.

    Community Teams
    The people on the front line, our community teams are responsible for so much of what you see, the blog, the forums and sponsorship management just to name a few of the things they look after. In short they are the essential bridge between the gaming world, what goes on at RSNUK and of course the most important part you!

    RSNUK Have some fantastic offers going on at the moment, 20 slots for £5 with web hosting too! Have a look at our games we provide and signup via our website

    Here are some of the games we offer:

    Savage: Battle for Newerth
    Unreal Tournament 2004
    Unreal Tournament 3
    Quake 3 Arena
    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (+ETPro and TrueCombat:Elite mods)
    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
    Half Life: Counter Strike (Steam)
    Half Life: HLTV
    Half Life: Condition Zero
    Half Life: Death Match Classic
    Half Life: Day of Defeat
    Half Life: Team Fortress Classic
    Half Life 2: Counter Strike: Source
    Half Life 2: Day of Defeat: Source
    Half Life 2: Multiplayer
    Half Life 2: Team Fortress 2
    Left 4 Dead
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Call of Duty (+United Offensive mod)
    Call of Duty 2
    Call of Duty 4
    Call of Duty: World at War
    Battlefield 1942
    Battlefield Vietnam
    Battlefield 2
    Battlefield 2142
    Soldier of Fortune II
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MP
    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
    America's Army
    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

    Additional Upgrades
    10 Extra Players £3.00/ Per Month

    Check us out today at

    If you have any questions Please visit our live chat, Or email us at [email protected]

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    Instead of emailing, To order your free trial click here

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