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    Samsung Galaxy Note - Must for a webmaster

    Ok, I've been using this for the last 2 months and am loving this.

    The size is just right. Big enough to comfortably work with (compared to iphones) and small enough (compared to bulky tablets) to carry.

    I installed connectbot on it from the beginning(available from Playstore) and regularly ssh into my servers. Can do most of the urgent stuff with ease.

    The size makes it better for logging into to CPANEL and Virtualmin and to work comfortably. Once I could change the WHM apache setting when the site was not responding and I was in the train.

    Compared to any small screen sized phones, you can work on the net for more time with this as virtual keys are bigger and typing and viewing is more comfortable.

    If you are a webmaster and would want 24x7 access to your servers, then get a Galaxy note with a 3G connection.

    And after two days, you will not return to your mini phones...

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    I am using galaxy tab, still prefer PC
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    Sure, a bigger screen lets you work on more things, but it's a terrible phone.

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    I actually would rather use a separate phone and tablet. I carry around a 5 inch tablet (Galaxy Player) with me at all times. I also never leave home without my 10 inch transformer. I have an HTC phone that I use for tethering.

    I can see how the note may have its advantages but It can never fully compete with a true tablet
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    I also use it and it works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orien View Post
    Sure, a bigger screen lets you work on more things, but it's a terrible phone.
    No it is a great phone. Sure it is big but that does not bother once you get used to it. I love the extra screen space and I don't even notice the size of it until I pick up my old HTC with the 4.3 screen and it now feels tiny compared.

    It has everything I ever wanted in a phone half tablet half phone and it all works. Just waiting on the ICS release.

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    I have a Xperia with phycal keyboard, But I don't want to use a 3rd party app to access whm, etc.

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