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    Suggestions on Remote Access to my Machines, with Greatly Varied Operating Systems..

    Hello there,

    I am not quite positive this would be the correct sub-forum to post this, as I stared, scrolling up and down the screen trying to find the proper child board to post this question, and considering it could fall into many, I figured I would just post it here as it is a question about my servers.
    But if anyone feels this post does not belong here, by all means tell me where I would get the best results, or please move this to the correct child-board/sub-forum. Thank you!

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to suggest an option I should use to remotely connect to my servers. I have 4 servers, of different hardware, all with CentOS. Some I use for VPS' hypervisors. And in fact, I use one or two of the Virtual servers for my own services myself. So far, that is 6 different "machines" I access one by one.
    One other Server I have is running SUSE Enterprise Linux Server.
    and One other is running Solaris.
    My two VPS servers that I use personally, one uses OpenIndiana (Based on solaris) and one uses CentOS (Which I may switch to RHEL..)
    Now I also have a computer set up as my own personal Firewall/Router before the connection to the servers. This is also a Linux OS, but I have been thinking of switching to a BSD flavor. I would like remote access to this as well.
    I am getting a NAS server soon, and will most likely use FreeNAS of coarse, which is a "BSD" distro based around FreeBSD. So of coarse I would like access to this as well.
    That being said, my Desktop/Personal Laptop computer uses Fedora 16 right now as my main OS, but it also dual boots Windows 7 for those things I just can't do in Linux..
    I also have an Android phone which I take with me everywhere. (Motorola Photon 4g)

    Now as you can all see, I am using a varied variety of machines here, and would like to be able to get some sort of Multi-Platform RDP or VNC remote access program/package I can use to connect to all of these if I could..
    That has seemed to be a bit of a trouble for me, trying to find the right program that will fit my needs, which I really hope I can find a Solution(s) that I can use to access all of these..

    So I need a remote access program to access BSD, Linux, Windows, Solaris and possibly even Mac (but not necessary..), and hell if there is one that offers more access than that, that will be great!

    I will also need to be able to use this program on the following OS's: Android, Windows, Linux, and maybe BSD and solaris if possible. (and like I mentioned above, if more, thats even better. Because when I say this, I mean I would love to be able to sometime use IRIX, HP-UX, Open Enterprise Server [NetWare build], SCO OpenServer, as well as maybe some experimental stuff like OpenDarwin, etc., so the more support the better)

    So as you now see, I run the following operating systems, and will most likely even run more, as time passes...
    Solaris, OpenIndiana, CentOS, Fedora 16, ClearOS, Untangle, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server, Windows 7, Android, & Maybe: OpenBSD, FreeBSD/FreeNAS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and maybe sometime more...

    So: Solaris, Lots of Linux, Windows, and BSD.

    Now comes your guys part. Hopefully you guys can help me out, point me in the right direction or something. Anything would really be wonderful! All the comments I have recieved on this site so far have been spectacular!

    What will be the best option for me? What kind of Remote Access will I want to look into? RDP? VNC? Some other I dont know of?

    If someone knows which I should use, are there any that have support for all the operating systems I run??
    If not maybe should I use multiple programs?

    Also, if I do this, will there be a chance I could completely comprimise my security?

    I need this so I can be able to remote access my servers when I am away from them in person and all I have is either my laptop (Windows/Fedora 16) or my SmartPhone (Android)..

    So as you may have noticed.. This has become a bit of a mess, and I can't quite figure out what I need exactly..

    I Really hope one of you can point me in the right direction, and give me some much needed advice.
    If no one can come up with a suggested program, could someone at least suggest the right remote access I would want to use, to least comprimise my security, and be able to get programs for each and remotely connect to all my machines.

    Thank you all so very much for your time, I really hope someone can help. And I hope you dont mind the long message. Wanted to be detailed and thourough. Thanks again folks!

    Peace, Love and Light to you all!
    Take Care.

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    I dont know if this help but I think you can do that with plesk
    look here

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    hmm, that seems like an alright option..

    Dont necessarily use Plesk though..

    But Ill look into it more.

    Thanks for the suggestion bud.
    I can even see there is an Android App for it (doesnt have the greatest ratings, but an app none-the-less...)

    But I would really prefer it not to be integrated into an administration backend or something, I would more prefer it to be a standalone program if possible. Plus I see that it costs 40$ a month... thats just some other extra fee now..
    But I may have to use Plesk if it turns out to be my only option here.. Well see.
    Hopefully I get more suggestions.

    Take Care.

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    Give ScreenConnect a try. Works on Linux, Windows, iOS, Android.

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    RealVNC Enterprise Edition officially supports (viewer + server, cross-platform interoperability)
    NT 4, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2008 R2 (x86 & x64)
    RHEL 4.x–5.x and Fedora 11–13 (x86 & x64);  Debian 5 and Ubuntu LTS editions and 9.10–10.10 (i386 & amd64);  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Enterprise Desktop 10–11 (x86 & x64);  HP-UX 11.00 (with patch) and 11i v3 (PA-RISC);  Solaris 8–10 (SPARC) and 9–10 (x86); AIX 5.3 (PPC)
    Mac OS X 10.4–10.7 (Universal)
    And they have VNC viewer clients for iOS and Android.

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    Out of curiosity, have you looked into using KVM? It's pretty versatile. Are you looking for something that automates more tasks?

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    I havent looked into that, and I wasn't necessarily looking for that at first, but now that you mention it and I think about it, I think I could really find use in that. Thanks a lot for that recommendation!
    The thing I just thought of right now, is maybe using it in my own custom Continual Data Protection (CDP) backup server.

    Really sounds great. If I could use it for that.

    But what I am looking for with this thread is to be able to do diagnostics, and fix any problems with my servers if anything happenes when I am away, ya know?

    I was suggested on the linux forums that I should use VPN to connect to the network securely, then I can use VNC. So it can be used safely without being intercepted, as VNC isn't necessarily the safest on its own.. So I have read, and so I have seen from using various Penetration Testing distros in my experience.

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