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    Quote Originally Posted by THAMAN View Post
    Are you sure about that? I find that hard to believe when this site makes a ton in advertising. I'm also waiting for a username change ticket submitted Feb 09, 2012.
    The moderators are volunteers.
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    Perhaps this thread should be closed, after all.

    I have studied it and similar threads. The following statements are posted repeatedly
    - moderators/other admins on the forums are volunteers, they aren't paid
    - user name change can take many months of studying the whereabouts
    - user name change is a privilege of WHT, majority of other forums do not provide that
    - user name change isn't a major issue and all who venture to change, might wait, since there are more urgent issues

    and, of course, the contrary statements, "word against word". That is not going to achieve any point of one another' understanding, AFAIS.
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    I submitted my ticket 20 days ago and have gotten no response...granted it was about a moderator issuing an infraction when he shouldn't have but considering they're all "volunteers" I can see now the chances of it being reversed, are slim to none, even though it should be. I don't get why a company who makes as much money as INET interactive can't hired payed staff members, who's actions are all reviewed by other staff members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taipres View Post
    I submitted my ticket 20 days ago and have gotten no response...
    And as we have already explained here in the thread, these take time. We don't need to have everyone that has one open about this post a "me too", since we're well aware.
    Quote Originally Posted by masterbo View Post
    Perhaps this thread should be closed, after all.
    Indeed. We're doing the best we can to accommodate every name change, as timely as we possibly can. We're working to clear the backlog, but the ones submitted rather recently are not going to be first, but instead done in order, back to front, as much and as soon as humanly possible.
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